Need bugs removed on a budget?

Sorbco Pest has three options that may fit your current needs.

Here at Sorbco Pest, we strive to provide options for our customers so they can chose the level of service they feel they need. Below is a detailed description of each service option with price ranges. We base our pricing on distance from our office and size of your home.

Option 1 : Basic Service

Our basic service is our most affordable option, with a service cost between $50 and $60 dollars, this one time no guarantee service may be the option for you. 

We service the exterior of your home with a liquid barrier around doors and windows, focusing on any entry points into your home, and spot treat the area(s) inside in which your seeing the most insects. Now this may sound different than the "Other Guys". Let me tell you why. BUGS COME FROM OUTSIDE !!!!!!! So lets go get them outside.

Option 2 : Premium One Time Service

Our Premium One Time Service is the most complete one time service available. We treat the exterior of your home with up to a 5 ft liquid barrier 360 degrees around your home, apply two granular baits (baits vary depending on the pests at your home/business), and apply a water soluble granule that slowly releases material over a 90 day period. We remove any spider webs and wasp nests from the exterior of the home with our web brush. Also we will treat the current infestation on the inside of the home. This service comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. So if the bugs come back within 30 days, we come back and retreat at no additional cost.  All of this service only costs between $99 and $119 dollars, depending on home size and location.

Option 3 : Six Steps to Success Quarterly Service

This service is the best option for those who never want to worry about insects in their home or business again. Please see the Six Steps to Success Tab at the top of the web page for complete details.

Service rates for the first service range from $175 to $250 dollars for the first 90 days of service. Quarterly maintenance rates range from $75 to $105, depending on pests covered, house size and location. This is an annual service agreement, offering you a year without pest worries.

You will find our pricing to be fair and very competitive, but we won't lose a customer over a few dollars so please, if you have a lower bid from another company, give our owner Danny a call @ 505-864-8600 or (505) 933-4684. We want you as OUR customer.