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Below are the six steps to success. they are color coded to there location on the sample house BELOW.

Step One

Perimeter Spray

We power spray a non repellant product that acts as an invisible barrier to the insects to stop them in there tracks.

Step Two

Granular Application

We use two different granules, one bait and one residual treatment, to keep insects away from your home.

Step Three

Interior Dusting

We use boric acid and deltamethrin dust inside the home at your interior plumbing locations to keep pests from entering through the openings.

Step Four

Insect Monitors

We place 4 insect monitors in the home ( 2 in the garage, 1 in the kitchen, and the last in the utility closet) to catch pests that may find a way into these most common pest areas.

Step Five

Attic/ Crawlspace Dusting

Once annually, we treat the attic and crawlspace (if accessible) with Boric acid dust. This prevents insects from harboring in these out of sight areas.

Step Six

Web Wipe

We remove webs from the exterior and interior of the home with a specialty designed brush. We will also remove any paper wasp nests as well.



Six Steps to Success Residential Program