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Buying or Selling a Home? 

Are you buying a new home? Or looking to sell yours? At Sorbco Pest we offer Wood Destroying Insect Reports ​for a fee, that can be used for Mortgage Loans or just your own piece of mind. 

Sorbco's Termite Control

Termites may be small but are a mighty terror to your home costing you hundreds to thousands of dollars in damage. They can destroy your home before you even know they are there. Allowing them to stay in your home can cause structural damage, cosmetic damage and in extreme cases, cause your home to be uninhabitable. At Sorbco Pest, we are dedicated to relieving you of this horrible burden. 

At Sorbco Pest we also treat for other wood destroying insects such as:

                         Carpenter Ants

                         Carpenter Bees

                         Powder Post Beetles

                         and more!

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