Sorbco Pest and Rodent Weed Control Service

Since 2016, Sorbco Pest has offered weed control options for our residential and Commercial customers. Our weed control program is a seasonal service plan with one goal in mind. Keep the weeds you don't want controlled while protecting the plant life that you do. Our herbicides are a targeted attack against the weeds that grow in your rocks and planters.

Here is our program in detail;

Step One -- Identification of the Weed/ Target for control

                  Identification is key. Knowing what weeds were dealing with allows us to apply the proper herbicide to        control that weed the most efficiently, while not affecting the surrounding landscaping. 

Step Two -- Detailed Graph of the Property.

                  Sorbco will draw up a detailed graph of your property, so you the customer and Sorbco are on the same page about what is considered good vegetation and what needs to be removed/controlled. Also this will give us valuable information for years to come, as your property changes season to season and so Sorbco can maintain your property year after year. 

Step Three -- Weed Remediation

                   Once services are selected, Sorbco's trained lawn staff will manually remove the weeds from the areas selected on the graph. By beginning the service with a clean slate, both you the customer and Sorbco benefit from day one.  You get that clean landscaping your looking for, and Sorbco knows exactly where to treat and with what herbicide to do so the most efficiently. 

 Step Four -- Herbicide Application.

                  Sorbco will apply the herbicide to the now cleared areas to prevent future growth and reseeding form other weeds that may come in from the surrounding areas. Application is done in two ways. One is our power application system attached to our Weed Control Truck. This contains a broad spectrum herbicide designed to control the majority of weeds that affect us here in New Mexico. The second application is applied with a manual B&G Sprayer. We use this around non target plant life so application can be as precise as needed to maintain control without affecting the plants we want in our landscaping.

Step Five – First Follow Up (Two Weeks Later)

                  Sorbco will return to the property two weeks after initial service. Any remaining weeds in the control zones will be removed. If reemergence is identified, Sorbco will reapply per the label of our herbicide to prevent those weeds from coming back.

Step 6 – Monthly Treatment Program


                 Our monthly treatment season ranges from March thru October. After the initial service and first follow up, Sorbco will come out to your home once a month to manually and chemically maintain the areas noted on the graph. Monthly service allows us to keep your property weed free without the need for additional intensive services.